József Környei
(associate professor)
University of Pécs, Medical School
Tel.: +36 72/ 536-000 (ext: 31750)

Research Expertise:

Double-labeled protein synthesis isotope technique, induced protein synthesis detection, radio-receptor assays, radio-immunoassays, general cell culture techniques, human and rat uterine primary cell cultures, cell proliferation assays, immunoblots, immunohistochemistry.
Computer programming: “Receptor Analysis” program package written by J.L. Környei, T. Ördög, J. Garai and L. Nagy (TPB-MüM-ISZ-172/1984 grant, Hungary), JLK-STAT scientific statistical program package  1990, written by J.L. Környei. 

2003     Habilitated doctor (Dr.habil.) degree (Pécs University)
1995  Ph.D. degree in Reproductive Endocrinology (Hung. Acad. Sci., Budapest)
1985     Specialist degree in physiology (Postgrad. Med. Univ., Budapest, Hungary)
1983 – 1986   Course on Philosophical Aspects of Modern Sciences (Pécs Univ, Hungary)
1980   M.D. degree Univ. Med. School of Pécs (Pécs, Hungary)
1974   High school diploma, special English class (Pécs, Hungary)
Work Experience:
2003 –  Tenured Professor
1996 – 2003 Associate Professor
1990 – 1992 Postdoctoral research fellow, University of Louisville, OB/GYN, Reproductive Molecular Endocrinology Lab, Louisville, Kentucky, USA
1985 – 1996 Assistant Professor
1982 – 1985 Instructor
1980 – 1982 University research fellow, University of Pécs, Medical School, Institute of Physiology, Isotope Lab, Pécs, Hungary